Company profile

West Mongolia LLC focuses and specializes in Western Mongolian region including Bayan-Ulgii, Uvs, Khovd and Zavkhan provinces. At the same time we offer a few tours such as Mongolian Highlights, Mongolian North to West, Mongolian South to West, Horse Riding through Mongolian East to West. 

Why we are different

We know what making business means. Making business is not about only making profit. It is comprised of many things.  

  • Organization
  • Management
  • Satisfaction
  • Social responsibility + other factors

Our approach

We want to develop ecotourism and introduce the beautiful nature, unique culture to our clients. At the same time, we will be helping locals obtain financial stability by earning from tourism while making a significant contribution to the prosperity of the local and national economy. 
We believe tourism will bring many benefits to the locals. West Mongolia supports charity organizations and donates some percentage of its yearly profits to charity initiatives. 


What we offer

  • Tourism that enhances (Improving livelihoods)
  • Tourism that inspires (Celebrating local cultures)
  • Tourism that conserves (Protecting natural habitats) 
  • For a sustainable planet
  • Tourism that makes you happy


Our team

Vyenyera (Venus) Shyndaulyet

Venus is the founder of West Mongolia LLC. Venus has been working as a tour guide and tour leader since 2004. Her experience in the field of tourism would Ensure the Expectations of potential Clients of West Mongolia. The fact that Venus holds a Business Administration Degree from the best National University of Mongolia where she learned how to conduct business from the best professors along with her guiding experience of more than a decade proves that you can rely on her 100%. During the time she worked as a tour guide, interpreter and group leader, she has worked for big projects such as Human Planet of BBC, Beast Legends by Dog Films, Canadian TV Project, Mongol Rally, etc. 

After participating  in the "Work and Travel" student exchange program in the USA in 2009 where she worked for Flagship Hotel and Resort, she had new insights and got the idea to start a tourism business in her hometown of Ulgii. Through community based tourism she could introduce the nomadic lifestyle and culture to people who have already left this lifestyle far behind and at the same time create jobs for the youth and unemployed. 


Dana is responsible for in-house fixing and tour lead. She was born and raised in Ulgii. She is an English teacher at a secondary school in Ulgii town. Besides working at school she works as a tour lead and guide for West Mongolia Travel. Her priority is to introduce the nomadic lifestyle and Kazakh and Mongolian culture to travelers. She is well-informed of the region and community which helps her to deliver thrilling adventures and interesting tours to our clients. She is not only looking for a one time tour, but also for a long lasting friendship with her clients.