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Brief description

This is a-two week tour tailored for those who want to experience all in one as a mix of hiking, climbing, horse riding and culture, nomadic lifestyle. Mongolia's western frontiers with Russia and China are guarded by the snow capped peaks of the Altai Tavan Bogd mountain range, highest in the country. Tavanbogd means “The Holy Five", referring to the five highest peaks, of which Khuiten Uul is the highest in Mongolia, 4374 meters above sea level. Quite a considerable height at this altitude. It is a stunning setting with the awe-inspiring massif of high snow-capped peaks. Its highest and most interesting peaks are Khuiten, Nairamdal, Malchin, Snowchurch and Ulgii. The longest glacier of Mongolia, the Potanin glacier stretches for 19km from the eastern face of Mt. Khuiten. On the summit day, when on the top of Khuiten, you will be able to glance into Russia and China. The local Tuvan herders acting as your camel caravan handlers and as porters will make an unforgettable company and share their culture and traditions with you.

Trek through the dramatic steppe valley along the river that drains from the Altai Tavanbogd massif, creating a series of beautiful lakes. The lake is 22 km in length and 4 km in width. This is a fresh water lake and its deepest point is 58m. It is surrounded by trees on the Mountains on the right side where out trekking trail is.


Day 1, Aug, XX

Arrive in Ulgii.
Have breakfast at West Mongolia ger camp.
Have some break until lunch time.
Have lunch at West Mongolia Ger camp and after lunch
see central mosque
see local museum and market.
Overnight at WM ger camp.


Day 2, Aug, XX

Have breakfast at WM ger camp.
After breakfast leave for Tsambagarav Mountain in Russian vans or purgons (2 vans ) which is about 120 km from Ulgii. A truck loaded with big Kazakh ger will support us to Tsambagarav. The reason bringing a ger in this trip is late august is a rainy season and nighttime will be cold. Also, we want you to experience how lolac herders move from one place to another and how to set up a real ger in up to three hours.
Have lunch on the way to Tsambagarav.
Arrive at Tsambagarav and unload the ger and build up the ger as herders do.
Have dinner which will be prepared by our cook  in a newly set up ger. 
Overnight in the big ger in your sleeping bags. Thick mattresses shall be provided. 


Day 3, Aug, XX

Have breakfast
and after breakfast climbing/trekking to Tsambagarav mountain.
Have lunch in take away lunch boxes.
After 5-6 hours trekking/climbing, dinner will be served at the camped place.
Overnight at the same place in a ger. 


Day 4, Aug, XX

Have breakfast. Set down the ger and pack all your belongings and
start driving towards an Eagle hunter's family.
The Eagle hunter whose name is Sailau is the famous and
experienced Eagle hunter in Western Mongolia.
He acted in a documentary movie shot by BBC Human Planet project.
Have lunch at Sailau's family. After lunch, everyone has a chance to see and hold his Eagle and take photos with the Eagle and Eagle hunter who will be in his traditional fur coats.
After that, start driving to Ulgii back to WM ger camp. Have dinner at WM ger camp and overnight at the WM ger camp. 


Day 5, Aug, XX

Have breakfast at WM ger camp. 
Start driving to Sagsai soum which is 50 km from Ulgii and where you can see a human stone which is a historical symbol representing the culture of people who lived in this area before 2500-3000 years.
Here you can ride a horse for a few hours but the number of people who want to ride a horse should be given in advance. So that we can prepare the calm and trained horses.
It is also possible to do fly fishing here or relax and see others fishing near by the Khovd River.
Lunch shall be served after our cook prepares the lunch after arriving in Sagsai.
After finishing all the activities, we drive back to WM ger camp and have Besh-barmak for dinner which is a traditional meal of Kazakh people served for honored guests. After or during dinner you will see an-one-hour concert accompanied by Dombira, traditional musical instrument of Kazakh people, and Kazakh singing and dancing.


Day 6, Aug,XX

Have breakfast at the Camp and fly back to UB.

Additional itinerary

Price includes

Roundtrip domestic flights. 
A local guide who speaks English, Kazakh and Mongolian and a cook will accompany you at all times. In addition, the services of the local herdsmen will be hired along with their animals. Mountain guide and porters. All of our stuff will be loaded on a camel or a horse depending on size. 
Tents for everyone
Hiring a car (4WD+Russian Jeep for carrying the stuff /Drivers).  
All national park entries and permission fees

Price excludes

Travel insurance
Stay in UB
Excess luggage fees on internal flights, 
Meals not indicated above in the itinerary
Personal climbing equipment
Sleeping bags and pads
Drinks, gratuities